Tefillah Power Workbooks

Tefillah Power Workbooks are a central feature of the Tefillah Initiative, whose goal is to enhance students’ appreciation of the importance and power of tefillah and their understanding of Shacharis. BE”H, this will enable them to connect with Hashem through tefillah and to empower their tefillah for life.

Due to Covid, for the 2021-22 school year, A FREE colorful and exciting ‘Tefillah Power’ workbook will not be distributed to each student. Instead, if you want to use the Tefillah Power materials for your class, please download  and print the “Tefillah Power” lesson. Alternatively, display it digitally. Each weekly “Tefillah Power” lesson can be learned in as little as 15 minutes each week. Click the workbooks to the right to view the pdfs. You can print one lesson at a time if you choose, by indicating the page numbers in the print settings.


Shtika B'Tefillah

Each student who davens  Shacharis and who does not talk, will be eligible to enter a raffle for great prizes. The students’ Tefillah Power material has a Shtika B’Tefillah card printed inside it enabling students to keep track of their success in not speaking during Shacharis. You may print a Shtika B’Tefillah card for each students’ use.

Kavannah Kuntros

The Kavannah Kuntros is different than any other translation or sefer on tefillah. That is because it gives students not just the English translation, but the meaning of the Shacharis tefillah in words that are clear and understandable for students of various ages. Click the siddurs to the right to view the pdfs.

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Hemanti Program

He'emanti Ki Adabear
Hashgacha Pratis השגחה פרטית program

By using one section of tefillah each week with stories and parables to highlight the lesson learned from that section of tefillah about Hashem’s hashgacha pratis in the world, students are encouraged to write their own personal experience where they ‘saw’ Hashem’s hand in their lives similar to the lessons studied. Students will be able to see how Hashem is connected to events in their daily lives.