Community Tefillah Initiative

Community/Shul Tefillah Initiative

Improve the power of your kehillah's tefillah with our Community Tefillah Initiative. It's effective, enjoyable, flexible, and easy. Over 155 shuls have participated!
—Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Aseres Yemei Teshuva Program

How does one make kavannah a real part of his daily tefillah? It takes commitment, motivation and strategy. The daily 5-minute lessons on kavannah in our booklet for Aseres Yemei Teshuvah offer you ten practical strategies to make your tefillos more effective.

Aseres Yemei Teshuva Program
Teshuva Raffle

Teshuvah Initiative

Join the nationwide school teshuva initiative!
To participate:

1. Pick up your contest card and the book 'The Power of Teshuva."
2. 40 daily lessons in "The Power of Teshuva."
3. Completed cards should be mailed to: V’Ani Tefillah Foundation,
1616 E. 29th St., Brooklyn, NY 11229

Mispallel b'ad chaveiro

The Gemara teaches: “Ha’Mispaleil b’ad chaveiro hu neheneh techilah, “If one prays for his fellow man, then the one praying benefits first". Why? Because you performed the great mitzvah “love your fellow Jew as you love yourself” by praying for your fellow Jew. Therefore, your prayer for yourself stands a greater chance of being answered.

Click the button below to view, download, and print the flyer, which can then be distributed at your shul or school.

Mispaleeil Bad Chaveiro Initiative
Kavanna Challenge

Kavanna Challenge

What better way to improve the power of your prayer than to try a Kavannah Challenge!

TO BEGIN: Start with Challenge 1 in the booklet. When you feel you’ve mastered that challenge, then add another challenge.

• THE GOAL: Master all 7 Kavannah Challenges in the booklet!


Yom Kippur Initiative

Prior to or on Yom Kippur, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes (more, if possible) of free time on Yom Kippur during which you will abstain from unnecessary speech or anything that is not within the spirit and purpose of the holy Yom Kippur day

Click the button below to view, download, and print the flyer, which can then be distributed at your shul or school.

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Power of Teshuva Program

Elevate your Elul - Learn the 40 days of The Power of Teshuvah

"The program was amazing and we got great feedback, thank you for all your work that you put into it."  - Northeast Philadelphia Kollel