Living with Hashgachah Pratis: Feeling the Divine Touch at Every Moment

We call it hashgacha pratis - the understanding that Hashem is continuously in our lives. Rabbi Heshy Kleinman, author of the Praying with Fire series, brings us a daily reader that shows us how to become aware of hashgacha pratis in everyday moments. As we feel Hashem's "Divine Touch" we will discover how we can ignite our emunah, enhance our gratitude, increase our merits and lead happier, more secure and meaningful lives.

Other Books

Praying with Fire

Praying With Fire for Adult

This work is a brilliant combination of in-depth scholarship and pure inspiration, all in an easy-to use daily learning format. Day by day, step by step, you will find your tefillah becoming stronger, more meaningful and more effective. With soul-stirring introductions by HaRav Mattisyahu Salomon and Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, Praying With Fire is the ultimate guidebook to fine tune attitudes and approaches to daily communicating with Hashem.

The Power of Teshuvah

The Power of Teshuva

Rabbi Heshy Kleinman shows us how to truly take advantage of this powerful gift, teshuvah. In only five minutes a day, we will learn The abundant benefits of teshuvah; Strategies to clear the path to repentance; The laws of teshuvah; and Techniques to ensure that our repentance lasts. We can improve our lives as we draw closer to and reconnect with Hashem. The Power of Teshuvah will show us how.

Yearning with Fire

Yearning With Fire

In as little as five minutes a day, this book teaches strategies that will help us hasten the redemption - principles that will help us achieve "ahavas chinam," the unity and love for one another that will help bring Mashiach. Here is clear and practical guidance to enrich our prayers, our charity, our Torah study, our Shabbos observance, and our desire for repentance - all important elements in our longing for redemption.

Praying with Meaning

Praying With Meaning

Praying with Meaning looks at the simple meaning of specific words in the tefillah, followed by an examination of the prayer's essential concepts. Then, with his genius for transforming lofty spiritual truths into practical action, the author guides us into visualizing images and finding strategies to bring these concepts into our daily routine. He weaves stories and parables to make clearer to us what the prayers are referring to, and shares important halachic information on each prayer.

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Praying with Passion

Tefillah (prayer) is a miraculous power each of us has, yet most of us use only a fraction of its potential. Ignite the power of your tefillah with our weekly newsletter, Praying with Passion.

The Praying with Passion newsletter gives you weekly insights into the beauty and meaning of our tefillah. Visit our Praying with Passion webpage to download pdfs or to sign up to receive the newsletter via email.

Video & Audio Shiurim

View Rabbi Heshy Kleinman's weekly Sunday shiur or his short clips on Torah Anytime. Topics include tefillah, teshuvah, Coronavirus.

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Community/Shul Tefillah Initiative

Community Tefillah Initiative

Improve the power of your kehillah's tefillah with our Community Tefillah Initiative. It's effective, enjoyable, flexible, and easy. Over 155 shuls have participated!
—Rabbi Yissocher Frand

Aseres Yemei Teshuva Program

Aseres Yemei Teshuva Program

How does one make kavannah a real part of his daily tefillah? It takes commitment, motivation and strategy. The daily 5-minute lessons on kavannah in our booklet for Aseres Yemei Teshuvah offer you ten practical strategies to make your tefillos more effective.

Mispallel B'ad Chaveiro

Mispaleeil Bad Chaveiro Initiative

The Gemara teaches: “Ha’Mispaleil b’ad chaveiro hu neheneh techilah, “If one prays for his fellow man, then the one praying benefits first". Why? Because you performed the great mitzvah “love your fellow Jew as you love yourself” by praying for your fellow Jew. Therefore, your prayer for yourself stands a greater chance of being answered.

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Yom Kippur Initiative


Prior to or on Yom Kippur, dedicate 15 to 30 minutes (more, if possible) of free time on Yom Kippur during which you will abstain from unnecessary speech or anything that is not within the spirit and purpose of the holy Yom Kippur day

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