Testimonials - Tefillah Power

We are now completing the 6th year of implementing Tefillah Power into our curriculum. B”H, the program teaches the boys various inyanei hashgafa related to tefillah, Torah and our relationship with the Ribono Shel Olam.

The program booklet is colorful, interesting and child-friendly. The talmidim look forward to Mondays, when we introduce the oncept wewill be working on for the week.
May the program continue to be marbeh kvod shamayim and bring nachas to the Ribono Shel Olam.

Bbirchas Kol Tuv.
Rabbi Hirtenfeld.

Rabbi Mordechai Hirtenfeld

5th Grade
Be’er Hagolah

I am a big fan of the Tefilla Power curriculum for several reasons. Firstly the workbooks are very age appropriate and engage the boys on their level, with the pictures and short stories. Additionally, the lessons are short enough to do as an add-on without impacting other subjects. Also the lessons themselves are very meaningful and impart yesodos of emunah and tefilla in a way they can relate to. Finally the prizes are great and they’re excited to get them.

Rabbi Rajchgod

We have been participating in this wonderful program for four years. The boys learn the chashivus of their own tefillah and of the Tefillos of the people around them. The self-discipline to control oneself from the first bracha till the end of the last Kaddish is a priceless treasure for a sixth grade boy to acquire.

Rabbi Berger

6th grade Rebbe
Yesh. Bais Mikroh

The גמרא tells us that תפלה is something that needs constant חיזוק. It is also something that we do every day for our entire long and gezunt life BE”H so anything which is gained, even something small, can have an effect for a lifetime.

I think the best testimonials are the one’s which come straight from my תלמידים. When asked what they enjoyed or gained from TP these were the responses.

  • “TP gave me an understanding of the פירושים and the טייטש of the תפלה that I daven daily. It includes real stories, משלים and things to remember in order to totally understand what we daven. The stories and ladders encourage me to learn the תפלה with a געשמאק! The שתיקה בתפלה program helped me in a different way. While davening, it helps concentrate on everything we learn when the class is quiet. Thank you for everything you do.”
  • “I love to know what it (the davening) means.”
    “It helped me understand what I am saying in davening.”
    “It helped me know the טייטש of the words so I can concentrate more on davening.”
    “I enjoyed TP Because it let me gain understanding in davening.”
    “I learned words of תפלה.”
    “It helped me understand words of davening.”
  • “I liked learning TP because it shows that davening really helps.”
  • “I learned to focus more on davening.”
  • “It helped me not talk during davening.”
  • I gained a better understanding of life.
  • “Stories & lessons”
    “Stories & Pictures”
  • “Its amazing prizes”
    “Prizes & raffles”

To sum it up – TP added flavor, meaning & excitement to our davening!
Thank you very much! Have continued הצלחה!

Rabbi Asher Shteierman

Yeshiva Darchei Torah

We are really enjoying the Tefillah Power program. It has given them a whole new outlook and appreciation for tefillah. They have learned so much. The short stories are on target and so powerful. Our morning tefillah has come a long way since we implemented this program. TY!

Rabbi Y. Sananes

5th grade Rebbe 
Yeshivat Shaare Torah

It has been a privilege to use your various programs in our yeshiva. Having Rabbi Heshy Kleinman speak to the boys in his unique passionate manner is a zchus. Bochurim get to see a yid who portrays emunah and tefillah at a great level. The Shtika b'tfila program has enhanced our shachris and mincha davening in yeshiva. Similarly, Rebbeim and talmidim alike enjoy the easy to use Tefillah Power program. Much halacha, hashkafa, and chashivus hatefillah are imparted in a simple, yet intelligent style, while being easy on the eye. Lastly, the tefillah kuntros have been used and appreciated by many boys. May Hashem give you much continued hatzlacha! And may Hashem answer the tefillos of all of klal Yisroel.

Yesh. Tiferes Elimelech

Tefillah Power and Kavanah Kuntres have transformed Davening at Denver Academy of Torah. Using the booklets as a springboard for weekly discussions and vocabulary quizzes, it has been an inspiration to see the students incorporate their knowledge into improved Davening. They love sharpening their knowledge with Tefillah Bees and other activities, and I admit I use the booklets for my own Davening as well! I recommend this system to any school that would like to begin to take Tefillah education - both Havanat Hamillot and deeper ideas - seriously.

Rabbi Leib Zalesch

Teacher and Judaic Curriculum Coord.
Denver Academy of Torah

I found that Tefillah Power has enabled my students to find more meaning in Tefillah.  They gained a lot from the beautiful color workbooks that were provided.  All the stories, daily challenges, and exercises found within the workbook greatly enhanced their appreciation of the words in Davening that they say every day.  My students never forget to remind me to collect their contest ladders to enable them to be entered into the monthly Tefillah Power raffles!! Thanks for such a wonderful program!!

Rabbi Nachman Goldenberg

5th Grade 
Phoenix Hebrew Academy

I personally have been teaching the Tefillah Program for the past 2 years to one group of boys. Other Rabbiem and Moros are teaching different groups of it in our school.

I have found the Tefillah Program extremely helpful in teaching students many of the yesodos of Yiddishkeit in a concise, positive and student-friendly way.

I use it to encourage students to understand davening (an activity that they spend nearly 2 hours a day doing.) and make their tefillos become more meaningful.
I am in the process of creating a place card that the talmidim can put into their siddurim when they daven to remind them of the different yesodos that they learned in the book.

Chazak VeChazak.

PS I did not make use of the incentives that were offered.
A more meaningdul davening experience is the greatest reward.
Added external incentives can only take away from this beautiful program.

Rabbi Nosson Adler

Head of School
Scranton Hebrew Day School

I've been using Tefillah Power in my class for several years already. The Talmidim look forward to every Monday when we learn a new tefillah. It's certainly a highlight of our week. Tefillah Power gives the Talmidim a real feel for the theme of each part of davening and helps them daven with more enthusiasm amd hislahavus. While the traditional beur tefilla may provide basic peirush hamilim, Tefilla Power goes far beyond that!

Rabbi Baruch Levine

Grade 5 Rebbe
Yesh. K'tana of Waterbury

My name is Sarah Leibowitz and I teach 5th grade in Bnos Malka Academy in Queens, NY.
Thank you so much for your wonderful program! The girls really enjoy your workbook and the wonderful lessons. Since I teach 5th grade, we will not be davening all the tefillos (mizmor shir and hodu) until they get to the higher grades. Even so, understanding that, we go though the lessons for those tefillos because they have such powerful lessons. Thanks!

Thank you again for your terrific program!

Sarah Leibowitz

Morah, 5th Grade

Thank you for your beautiful curriculum!
Tefillah Power makes davening enjoyable, relevant and precious in the young lives of talmidim. Each clear lesson is focused on the halachah, understanding and mussar of tefillah, and is masterfully presented. They motivate. They inform. They uplift. Our talmidim look forward to opening your booklets, reading the beautifully illustrated stories and doing the many fun activities.
May Hashem help you continue to provide this magnificent service to Klal Yisroel's children.

Rabbi M.Eisner

Sgan Menahel
Cheder Toras Zev

Tefillah Power has upgraded the interest of our talmidim in davening both from the perspective of understanding what the boys are saying and the importance and value of tefilla –what it means for us as frum ehrliche yidden.  The concentration that I observe when talmidim are davening has definitely been enhanced and I feel it is directly connected to the fantastic, professional work that Rabbi Kleinman has produced with his Tefillah Power books and sefarim.  The shtika b’tfilla program has been successful with the older grades, I see it is carrying weight. The boys are very motivated by the prizes. Hashem should help that all the tefillos of our tikonos shel beis rabban should be answered in a positive way.

Rabbi Aryeh Schechter

Menahel, grades 3-5
Yesh. Bais Mikroh

The tefilla program is an absolutely essential tool in bring the value and appreciation of Tefilla to the boys in the class. The lessons are so amazingly on target and the hashkafa and emunah that are brought out by the stories are basic and fundamental and so well presented. The lessons are always used as a spring board for class discussions of hashkafa that are so important for the boys to hear and talk about. The lessons always give the boys a greater awareness of Hashem's involvement in our daily lives as well as showing how much Hashem believes in each and every one of us as an individual.  There is nothing out there that I am familiar that is so well done. The boys absolutely love the program!!! It is so well thought out on every level. The vibrant colors of the booklet, and the beautiful graphics are attractive and professionally done. A real masterpiece.

Rabbi Eliyhau Zidele

5th Grade
Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin

I feel a tremendous uplifting of the students’ davening. The students look forward each week to the next Tefilla Power, they ask on Sunday, “ when are we going to be starting learning the next one?” They also look forward to the kavana kuntres and they remind me to do it. They enjoy the program tremendous and I see it reflected in their davening, I see a geshmake davening, there is an energy there. I feel they are gaining tremendously

Rabbi Pollack

4th grade
Yeshiva Ketana of Bensonhurst

I would like to thank you for your hard and beautiful work of Tefillah Power the booklets were done very well and the boys in each class look forward to do it each week. It gives them a better understanding about Tefillah. Also your kavannah kuntros is written in a way that the boys understand what they are saying and there are many boys that use it during Shemoneh Esrei.

Rabbi Dovid Weiss

Sgan Menahel
Yeshiva Kol Torah

I would like to thank you for introducing my class to Tefillah Power. The boys really enjoy it. They look forward every week for the new kavannah to have. They even remember what we’ve done from the the first few weeks especially when we start Hodu Lashem. I know they will take it with them for year to come all that they’ve gained. Thank you!

Rabbi Shamah

5th grade Rebbe
Mekor Haim

The Tefillah Power series has given our students a deeper understanding of tefillah. Instead of rushing through the different prayers, our students are able to internalize the meaning of each tefillah as they are said. The authors of the series have brought davening down to the level that each student can understand within the confines of their own life.

Rabbi Moshe Friedman 

Assistant Principal
Yeshivat Shaare Torah

The program is really really working
The boys are davening a longer shemonah esrai,  we keep the kuntrises in a box and they pick out their copy and daven from it, There is no talking or fooling around during davening, they come to shul early and get ready to daven   Some of them come up with their own insights and share them, several boys bought Artscroll siddurim to get more out of davening.   I can't underestimate the "bang" this program is having not only on davening but in Yiras Shomayim in general.  Thanks from all of us!!!!

Rabbi Hersh Kasirer

7th grade Rebbe
Yesh. Tiferes Moshe

Tefilla Power has been a successful tool for my sixth graders to understand the meaning of  Pesukei D'zimra.  The girls are motivated to complete the exercises and weekly activities and are very excited to enter the raffle with it’s interesting assortment of prizes.
Thank you!

Mrs. Sara Fayge Twerski

6th Grade
Phoenix Hebrew Academy 

Tefillah Power is one of the highlights of our week. My 4th grade students look forward to Monday mornings as we begin our week with a new Tefillah Power Unit. It is both inspiring and educational with the different stories, questions, puzzles, dilemmas and modern-day examples that are presented to the children.  My students love to take part as we read the stories out loud and fill in their ladders.  They never find it boring or a burden. We all look forward to the raffles and of course the fabulous prizes.  Thank you, Tefillah Power, for enriching our lives.

Mrs. Judy Neufeld

RASG Hebrew Academy

My sixth grade class really enjoyed the Teffilah Power lessons. There was a great balance between stories, practical lessons, important yesodos in Tefillah, and fun. Boys were constantly looking ahead with excitement to see what is next.
We are enjoying Praying with Fire for Teens. We start off each day with a lesson.

Rabbi Moshe Dov

6th grade Rebbe
Yesh. K'tana of Waterbury - Boys

My students enjoy reading and discussing the meanings and stories relating to the brachos of shemona esra. We were learning navi and one of my students referenced one of the stories we had learned in Tefilah Power.

6th grade Morah

Bais Yaakov Queens

Tefillah Power is a beautiful program that engages the students’ hearts. The girls truly look forward to using the interactive and beautifully designed colored workbook. With stories, anecdotes, and קבלה programs, the  Tefillos are brought to life, thereby encouraging and enhancing their כונה בתפלה.

N. Travitsky

4th grade Morah
Shiras Chaim

Tefillah Power workbook time is always a treat for my class as well as for myself as their Morah. There is so much to be gained in beur tefillah insight as well as so much potential for increased kavana in our daily davening. The powerful messages of each featured prayer are driven home by the inspiring and relatable true stories and mashalim. While I teach several Hebrew subjects that my students enjoy, it is always super quiet in the classroom when I hang up the next lesson's coordinating poster and begin reading from the Tefillah Power workbook. Filling out the ladder and the subsequent suspenseful raffle for great prizes heightens the experience even further (and it's so admirable how the prizes arrive so quickly)! I have only praise for this terrific, well-thought out program. Continued hatzlacha to you and all the other participating schools.

Morah Abramovitz

Yeshiva Primary Oakland Gardens School