Read about how others have improved the quality of their tefillah and the tefillah of those around them.

Torah Prep School, St. Louis – Menahel

“…The shtika bteffila by our Mincha minyan has transformed our minyan. The boys are on time, perfectly quiet, and do not walk out at all B”H. Most of all, I think the boys are taking a sense of pride in this and feel we have something special in our school. Thanks for the great program!”

Chaim Berlin – Rebbe:

“Once again thank you so much for an amazing program!!!…the shtika b’tefillah program really has had an impact, the kids are significantly quieter during davening”…”Thank you for your program I am enjoying it immensely!!”

Rabbi Y. Sananes, 5th grade Rebbe, Yeshivat Shaare Torah, Brooklyn

We are really enjoying the Tefillah Power program. It has given them a whole new outlook and appreciation for tefillah. They have learned so much. The short stories are on target and so powerful. Our morning tefillah has come a long way since we implemented this program. TY!

Rabbi Mordechai Hirtenfeld, 5th Grade, Be’er Hagolah

We are now completing the 6th year of implementing Tefillah Power into our curriculum. B”H, the program teaches the boys various inyanei hashgafa related to tefillah, Torah and our relationship with the Ribono Shel Olam. The program booklet is colorful, interesting and child-friendly. The talmidim look forward to Mondays, when we introduce the concept we…

Rabbi Aryeh Schechter, Menahel, grades 3-5, Yesh. Bais Mikroh, Monsey

Tefillah Power has upgraded the interest of our talmidim in davening both from the perspective of understanding what the boys are saying and the importance and value of tefilla –what it means for us as frum ehrliche yidden. The concentration when talmidim are davening has definitely been enhanced and I feel it is directly connected…

Rabbi M.Eisner, Sgan Menahel, Cheder Toras Zev, Lakewood

Thank you for your beautiful curriculum! Tefillah Power makes davening enjoyable, relevant and precious in the young lives of talmidim. Each clear lesson is focused on the halachah, understanding and mussar of tefillah, and is masterfully presented. They motivate. They inform. They uplift. Our talmidim look forward to opening your booklets, reading the beautifully illustrated…