Unexpected Find Leads To New Direction

Reb Tzvi (Hershel) Ettinger, a devout follower of the Belzer Rebbe, Reb Aharon Rokeach, was drafted into the Russian army before World War II. In the heat of a battle, his unit was ordered to ambush German planes from a concealed position in the ruins. Amid the debris, Reb Tzvi stumbled upon remnants of a Jewish calendar. Amazed by the unusual “find,” and then realizing from the calendar that it was Shabbos, he was spiritually jolted and refrained from firing. Consequently, the aerial assault shifted away from his location, sparing his life.

The unlikely discovery of such a calendar scrap amid ruins not only saved Reb Tzvi’s life but also led him to internalize Hashem’s constant Presence. He lived a fulfilling life into his 90s, completed the Daf Yomi Shas Bavli cycle an amazing seven times, and merited three children and 16 grandchildren, all following in his G-d fearing footsteps.

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